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 Cement your ROI with Email.  

 Cement your ROI with Email.  

We Increase ROAS

We Increase ROAS

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A great Email Campaign isn't a pistol, it's an aimed missile.

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What can Campaign optimisation services really do in terms of traffic and dollars? 

Everybody and their mother thinks that they can write an email, but only real industry professionals know how to artistically craft keywords to secure the the highest ROI. We use our creativity and ingenuity to craft solutions that conquer with metrics that talk about real data. You don't want to waste time on wasteful statistics used to applaud work that doesn't directly affect your bottom line.

Real Email Optimisation happens in three steps. First we have to audit your current strategy to see what is and isn't working. Second, we craft detailed and specific copy that fits your mission, goal and targets using keywords and calculated creative. Lastly we bother the hell out of any anybody that will listen to make sure your email gets the highest open and click through rate possible. This work heavy strategy helps you make more money and do it a lot faster.

Our dedicated approach takes a lot of creativity and expertise. AKA, this is not something you can just come up with from watching a "guru" on youtube. This is real analysis.

Sending bad emails is like washing money down a drain. While cheap, the opportunity cost of not hiring a professional can be staggering. If you want to really make money and start converting customers, you need to be on top of your customers. Increased open and click through rates can increase your traffic enormously leading to an influx of conversions. (That means cash baby!) Not only does this provide more traffic and more money, you also get to create a structure that is formidable against enemy attacks. We see this part like war. Our job is to not only invade, but also build the castle to make sure you stay the king. 

These emails qualify your brand and solidifies your application into legacy brand territory. In addition, you are able to lessen your reliance on selling platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc, which all take up to 25%! This will also lessen the amount of money you have to shell out month over month for PPC ads. While the initial investment is not cheap, the benefits, both in traffic, dollar and branding capacities are incredible. Increase your ROI with a kick-ass Email team who is ready to go to war for you. 

Constant audits, crafted copy, constant analysis, and huge PR pushes are just some of the methods we use to shoot your brand into the stratosphere. At V. Hous, we see further, fly faster and aim higher, all while crafting your brand into something that is instantly recognisable.


Honest Question; Why walk, when you could fly?

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Reach Further.

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Move Faster.

Dream Bigger.

It's in our blood.

What is included in our Email Campaign Service?

  • Peace of Mind  Think of the money you could make by focusing on something else.

  • Intense Keyword Research

  • Tailored Copy Strategy

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Total Dominion 

  • High-Quality Creative  Backed by individual industry competitor research.

  • Title Optimisation

  • Intense testing on 

    • Titles​

    • Offer

    • Discounts

    • Subject

    • Copy

    • Images

    • And a lot more.

  • Dedicated Experts

How Much is this all Going to Cost?

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This process, if done correctly will not cost you a dime. The amount of places where this investment recoups itself is somewhat shocking to a first time service purchaser. The average ROI on email marketing is 4400%. That number should only make you ask one question. How soon can we start? Not only is this going to flood you with cash but also, it will decrease the amount of money you have to spend on PPC advertising, something that gains around 200% ROAS. This decrease allows you to spend less money on advertising and more money on other more important aspect of the business. Second, you will no longer be as dependant on the giant e-commerce platforms like Amazon. These platforms usually take up to 25% of your revenue, meaning that a higher email conversion rate has the propensity to dramatically improve profit margins. 


Our drive, passion and creativity is what propels us forward. If you are ready to stop wasting your time with agencies that don't get results, contact us today. Just like with your 401k, time is money.

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