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PPC advertising is the future. Just like the internet, the early adopters got a huge advantage across all platforms. But, there is still hope to trump the digital advertising game. The answer is analytics. Most companies and providers look towards the top line impressions line to determine which influencers to use, ads to run and allocation of budgets. Our deep initial and consistent analysis allows you to focus on what you do best, while we make you shit loads of money. 

Other agencies will tell you that testing is no longer a useful way to spend an advertising budget. If the agency you hired is not analysing the testing data on multiple levels, we 100% agree. Our methods of testing take place while the ads themselves are running. For example, instead of releasing 4 individual Facebook ads for a campaign, we take the somewhat tedious step further to create 6 different  versions for each of the 4 advertisements. This doesn't cost the client anymore money, rather saves it. This method allows us to pinpoint small areas that are driving micro successes. An example would be mortgage broker client whom asked us to run their PPC ads. What we analytically learned is that the call to action "call now" was too forward since the company didn't have a developed funnel. The test uncovered "learn more" as the most effective call to action. This small change increased landing page views by 170%.

We work with brands that challenge. Our goal is not only to show you top line growth, but also support what and where you are passionate. This time that we take to truly understand your motive, and vision is what allows us to make PPC ads that are dynamic. Through copy, process and application, our goal is ultimately to tailor something that is different. 

Today, everybody runs PPC ads. Contracting our agency to run your ads not only saves you time, but dramatically increases the possible return you can get on your ad spend. Unfortunately, Facebook, Instagram, Google etc, are designed to get you to spend more and more money than what is truly necessary.


I know we keep talking about how we set ourselves apart through our usage or experience driven analytics. We realise this is somewhat vague, so here is an example.

The client is a very high touch training program for children trying to grow during the aftermath of Covid. As one can imagine, the target audience has now been highly divided into people who think "masks on children is a crime" and those who are "just very cautious."

While the company would traditionally target well off parents who are interested in sports for kids, this no longer was providing an adequate return. To solve the issue, we did a series of surveys to separate our audience. Then, we made a case to the company for an optional mask policy. Once approved, we analysed all consumer purchase patterns since covid, and created 3 different target audiences whom would receive different ads based on their preferences. The parents who interacted with "pro-mask" content received emails, and pictures that reflected what they wanted to see in the program. The opposite was done for the other group and the final "control group." This unconventional strategy allowed the company to grow revenue from $119,000 in 2020 to $651,000 in 2021. This experience and passion driven analytic approach is what truly sets our company apart. The return that these strategic approaches create is dramatically different to what a business owner can create with a slogan and a picture on Facebook.

PPC Ads Fueled with Analytics

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There is No Better Way.

There is No Better Way.



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What We Can Do

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Rank at top of your keywords.

How are you going to scale if your customers can't find you? Let us start your foundation with Search Ads so you can reliably flow customers to your landing pages.



Beat your competitors with better copy, and more data.

Shopping ads are dangerous as they rank your cheaper competition right next to you. We're going to emphasise the hell out of your USPs to get you more sales.

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Designed to compel, crafted to convert.

Use our copy and graphics skills to craft ads that speak to you customers. Our creative choices are not arbitrary, rather they are rooted in data and analysis.

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Build a brand that stand the test of time.

Facebook is fundamentally designed to take your money. We are here to make sure that any money spent is driving real traffic and therefore creating impactful interactions.



Why get one sale, when you could get two?

Retargeting is one of the most powerful strategies in advertising. Using technology we will pinpoint who is buying and make sure they keep purchasing.



Drive conversions and scale with passion.

The E-commerce Giant. Success here could see you save up to 30% through the avoidance of Amazon etc. You need an agency that is really going to get shit done. Honestly.

You are busy. Let's get Marketing off your plate.😉
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