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Damn, being in business is not an easy task. As small business owners ourselves, believe us, we have learned what it means to hustle. Especially with social media moving so quickly, the time it takes to become obsolete is becoming smaller and less reversible. At Victoria Hous, we think back to Tik Tok's Inception. 4-ish years ago, this app didn't even exist in mainstream media. Now, it is a huge channel for some of the worlds' largest companies. Facebook is a possible antithesis example. With the allegations and court hearings in 2021, consumer out look could significantly affect willingness to purchase on Facebook (Meta). Furthermore, if your company makes the majority of its money through the Facebook channel, you could be screwed. 




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Think Outside the Box

We are not saying that you are making a bad decision, but rather that you need to think outside the box. The reason that you are on this "discovery journey" on our website is to hopefully imbue upon you a sense of urgency for the unknown. This unconventional way of thinking is the root and soul of Victoria Hous. We have simplified the marketing steps down to a step-by-step process so that there is time and money to spend thinking about new ways to market. Our approach is probably not going to save you time in totality, but is geared towards our most important principal value: scale. The uncomfortable questions we ask are the following. Which channels will provide the best long term ROI? Which methods of advertising are we not seeing by utilising more traditional routes like Facebook or Instagram? How is this strategy truly scalable?

You can think about us almost like we are a construction and scaffolding company. While we are not at all against Facebook or Instagram, we are here to insert roots for success through omni-channel development and branding. This allows you to construct a foundation that is solid enough to build upon. We see many marketing companies that sell instant results. But, if you have ever looked at the Tower of Pisa in Italy, a lack of difficult foundation work and analysis can lead to unfortunate future issues. Issues, that in retrospect, were very much preventable.

Into the Unknown...

- Queen Elsa of Arendelle

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