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Buy Back Your Time

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Are You Worth More Than $8 P/H?

- By the Numbers - 

Weekly Hours Worked




Dollars Saved

Vetted Virtual Assistants Placed

Virtual Marketing Assistants

Most people can't afford fancy agencies, expensive marketers and untrained social media managers. It almost seems like you are caught in a "catch 22" between expensive services and bad work.


Victoria Hous is dedicated to solving both of these detrimental issues with our vetted, professional virtual assistants. 

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What Our Virtual Assistants Do

Social Media Management

Do you have great ideas about what your social media pages could look like, but not enough time to do it? The truth is that consistent posting can be time consuming and difficult. Discover how our experiences assistants can help. PS: by outsourcing, you are probably saving money at the same time.

Vetted, Cost Effective Labour is at your Fingertips.

How Much is Your Time Worth?

I want to ask you an honest question. What is your time worth to you. Beyond marketing, virtual assistants or anything that you have been introduced to today, the most important part of any business is cashflow.

Especially in small businesses, the only way to really increase cash flow is for the founder to have more hours in their day. 

Just think of all the suppliers you could call, referrals you could request, or deals you could further negotiate. Unfortunately there are only 24 hours in the day, something we personally struggle with as well. But, there is a way out. 


This strategy is called "buying back your time." Essentially you are outsourcing tasks that are time consuming and not directly producing revenue. This allows you to focus on what you are best at, growing your online business.


Our virtual assistants can be graphic designers, lead generators, copy writers, analysts and much much more. We spoke recently to a CEO of a small organisation in New York City. This guy, clearly experienced, summed up this problem in a very concise and succinct manner.


"Once you optimize yourself, it all comes down to bandwidth. Before I outsourced, my American team had 10 people. That same amount of money paid for the equivalent of 30 Victoria Hous virtual assistants. I mean, just in bandwidth alone I have been able to reach more and more people than ever before. The sheer size of my team is incredible and I am getting more work done for much less money."

- Chris Pallares, CEO

Our Clients

Focus on
Tasks. Your Marketing is Covered.


1. Trained by our Award Winning Agency
2. Built for Scalability
3. Not a Regular Virtual Assistant
4. Make Money While You Sleep

Colleagues Working in Office

Money Making

Form a community around your brand.

Understand the Analytics behind your Business.

Scale by increasing your bandwidth. 

Business Executive


All Plans Come With...

Your Customer Success Manager is there to help you get set up, and answer any questions that may arise.

Customer Success Manager

Our virtual assistants are available from Monday - Friday, 8 hours per day. You get to choose which hours during the day they work.

Full Availability

Our virtual assistants are highly trained by our award winning advertising agency. Ready to rock from day one.

Vetted Employees

We have the capacity to support any expansions that you and your Virtual Assistant are able to create. Needing an outbound sales team? SEO specialists? No worries.


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