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Our Work

Aligning Creativity and Analysis

Building one brick at a time. 
This is how legacy brands are made.

Case Study 1

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Channels Established

Landing Page Views After 1st Month




CommonWealth Bancorp

Location: California, USA. 
Previous Advertising Experience: Paper and Copy.
Initial Channels: Linked-In.
Target Market: Not established.
Advertising Strategy: Not succinct.
Product: Commercial and Residential Loans.


6. Copy Workshop and Review

7. Email Copy Rewrite + Templates

8. Ad Reviews

9. Implementation Tactics Crafted

10. Target Audience Identification

Mission Briefing:
Mortgage Broker. 15+ years serving the community. Looking to make a step forward in business. The CEO, having less digital marketing experience, is unsure of the next movement forward. Victoria Hous is tasked with crafting the strategy and consulting on implementation tactics moving forward. 


Services Provided:

1. General Consulting 

2. Digital Strategy (Includes Audit)

3. Channel Decision Making

4. Intense A/B Testing 

5. Software Upgrades and Automations

Our Approach:




A: Audit concludes that initial digital marketing per conversion will be more expensive in the short term with the current foundations and structure available. Recommendations are put forth to start with digital substructures to lower future costs. 



R: Target audience, consumer purchase patterns, company mission and flow are analysed to inform branding, copy and direct advertising decisions. This research is integral towards completing the next 3 steps successfully. 



C: After initial construction is over, PPC, Paid Social and Email are chosen as the initial methods. A/B tests are commenced, and all aspects of research in step two is put under an analytical microscope.



O: A/B tests come to valuable conclusions, allowing all social platforms to finally get copy written and outlooks adjusted. In following this process, Falcyn's decision to wait until research is complete saved this company $$$.



S: Time to get in a meeting. How are we going to sure that this strategy is scalable. New ideas, new content, consistency etc. Once a new idea is chosen, the cycle and process starts again.

Increase in ROI

Lowered CPC Price



Traffic Ad CPC 

Impressions After 1st Month



EuroSoccer Logo.png

Euro Soccer USA

Location: Playa Vista, Los Angeles
Previous Advertising Experience: Digital, Physical, SEO, Paper, Email
Initial Channels: Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, Email
Target Market: Not optimized
Advertising Strategy: Not up to date.
Product: Soccer services and products for youth.


6. Recruitment and management consulting. 

7. On field branding + physical id tactics.

8. Tech and software overhaul.

9. Target audiences defined.

10. Digital and physical strategy creation.

Mission Briefing:
Youth Soccer Company. 17+ years serving Playa Vista, CA. In need of a post-covid action plan + implementation that works. The company has had several previous marketing managers and content heads, but none of them are creating results. Victoria Hous is tasked with creating stronger brand identity and reliable advertising channels to leverage growth expected and planned by the owner in the following months and years. 


Services Provided:

1. Email marketing reconstruction

2. Copy overhaul. Literally everything.

3. Slogans, + other brand material.

4. Full Service PPC Ads Package.

5. Full Service Paid Social Ads Package.

Our Approach:




A: Audit concludes that previous marketing employees were not using tools to their potential. Ads were being posted onto incorrect accounts, and numbers were not being analysed. Additionally, marketing happened about 2 - 3 weeks before programs were set to begin.



R: First of all, the target market. Second, we looked heavily into the technology and human capital supporting the marketing department. This overhaul took a while but has increased the efficiency enough pay for our fee in saved time costs alone.



C: The initial research led to a series of conversion tests over hundreds of ads and emails. For context, emails used to generate between $400 - $600. Those same weekly emails now generate $3,500 - $5,000. This is with an incredible 41.5% open rate (up from 22%). This same set of steps were approached on all channels.



O:Back to the drawing board again and again. That's the true magic of this step. Slogan's finalised, ad templates created and copy finished. Continuous tweaking during this step is how we squeeze out higher ROI and lower COA. It's just like squeezing the end of a toothpaste tube. Every last drop counts.



S: This is the most important step by far. It doesn't matter if your company is only able to get sales on Tik Tok. Scalability in that instance is marginally probable at best. Our diversification of channels and passion towards follow through allowed the company to achieve record high profits even though the company is extremely touch oriented and works with children under 12 years old.

Sales Increase

Lowered CAC Cost



Traffic Ad CPC 

ROI Per Dollar Spend on Marketing



Case Study 2

Space available!.png

Email Open Rate


Link Clicks (Last 30 Days)


Note: We cannot express enough how proud we are of our team for the metrics listed above. Keep in mind that this was all during covid, one of the toughest markets in the last ten years. The ROI per dollar spend on marketing here (PPC and Paid Social) is more than double the industry standard. That type of return is something that people literally dream about. This is not to mention that email open rate of 41.5%. We are incredibly proud of our team. This is what passion looks like.

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